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Rae-Ne’ Hair Solutions is proud to partner with Dr. Shawon Brown-Gullette of Dayton Trichology Hair Loss Control Clinic.

About Dr. Shawon Brown-Gullette ND, I.A.T

Dr. Shawon Gullette“Everyday medical and hair care professionals interact with people struggling with thinning and hair loss due to heredity, medical conditions, and diet. I have developed a partnership between professionals and the Dayton Trichology Hair Loss Control Center to team up and combat hair loss”

Dr. Shawon Brown-Gullette was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and started her career at the age of 17 years old as a Hair Stylist graduating High School Patterson Co-Ops Cosmetology program. After seeing several clients that were experiencing hair loss, Dr. Gullette decided to study Trichology; The Study of Hair and Scalp Disorders and Diseases (ADD).

Dr. Gullette finished the five year program through I.A.T., International Association of Trichologist, under the Direction of David Salinger. The I.A.T. Trichology Program is accredited through the Southwest University of California, making Dr. Shawon Gullette ND. I.A.T. the first Certified Trichologist in the State of Ohio. Building referrals from Dermatologist’s from all over the State of Ohio. Dr. Gullette finished her Educational Tenure with Trinity School of Natropathic Medicine at Warsaw, Indiana as a Doctor of Natropathic Medicine.

Dr. Gullette is known for her involvement in the community, one of her most notable charities is the Hope of the Hair Foundation. This Foundation supplies free wigs to women that are undergoing chemotherapy. They can receive several free wigs a year.

Trichology (tri-KOL-uh-jee) – The Science of Hair

Trichology is the specialized science of the structure, function and disorders of human hair and scalp. Currently, over 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from hair loss. There are various reasons why people experience hair loss. Each case is different and may call for different treatment, but in the end everyone wants the same thing – hair restoration. Dr. Shawon Gullette is a Certified IAT Trichologist with years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Hair Loss and Hair Restoration. Dr. Shawon gives customized treatment recommendations to both men and women. She also specializes in child hair loss issues. You don’t have to live with hair loss anymore! If you are interested in a healthy, thick, full head of hair get a Hair Loss Consultation with Dr. Shawon Gullette today.

What is male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss in men. It usually follows a typical pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown, and is caused by hormones and genetic predisposition.


Hair grows about an inch every couple of months. Each hair grows for 2 to 6 years, remains at that length for a short period, then falls out. A new hair soon begins growing in its place. At any one time, about 85% of the hair on your head is in the growing phase and 15% is not.

Each hair sits in a cavity in the skin called a follicle. Baldness in men occurs when the follicle shrinks over time, resulting in shorter and finer hair. The end result is a very small follicle with no hair inside. Ordinarily, hair should grow back. However, in men who are balding, the follicle fails to grow a new hair. Why this occurs is not well understood, but it is related to your genes and male sex hormones. Even though the follicles are small, they remain alive, suggesting the possibility of new growth.

What is female pattern baldness?

tl_files/images/home/FemalePatternBaldness.jpgFemale pattern baldness involves a typical pattern of loss of hair in women, caused by hormones, aging, and genes.


Female pattern baldness is usually different from that of male pattern baldness. The hair thins all over the head, but the frontal hairline is maintained. There may be a moderate loss of hair on the crown, but this rarely progresses to total or near baldness as it may in men.

Hair loss can occur in women for reasons other than female pattern baldness, including the following:

  • Temporary shedding of hair (telogen effluvium)
  • Breaking of hair (from such things as styling treatments and twisting or pulling of hair)
  • Patchy areas of total hair loss (alopecia areata -- an immune disorder causing temporary hair loss)
  • Medications
  • Certain skin diseases
  • Hormonal abnormalities
  • Iron deficiency
  • Under active thyroid
  • Vitamin deficiency