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Ultratress is sweeping across the nation with the hottest hair extension applications on the market.

Ultratress isn't just hair extensions, it's hair progression.


Ladies, see the difference hair extensions can make in your appearance

The ultimate makeover... Ultratress II. See for yourself what hair extensions can do for your new look.

Hair Extensions

Ultratress is "On Rite's" beauty division consisting of Ultratress II, Ultralinks, UltraStrands and other salon products. Our 100% European Remi hair progressions give length, volume, and thickness to the woman who is either looking for more hair, a greater range of styles, or maybe just a new look. And with our “hair friendly” progressions, all that and more is easily achieved.

Hair…it’s one of the first things you notice when you see me.

We all want to change what we’ve been given. She wants curly hair. She wants straight hair. She wants a fuller head of hair. Sometimes you can get your hair to do what you want it to and sometimes you need a little help. That’s where ultratress comes in. Think of us as your personal hair assistant. Our Ultratress II hair progressions can be placed higher on the head and allude to a more natural and cascading look, making styling easier and causing less stress on the existing hair. Our “hair friendly” progressions allow women to walk into a salon and ask for any cut or style they desire with the secure knowledge that their long, thick, lush hair will look just like everyone else’s when they walk out and that their beauty secret will remain just that…a secret!