Rae Ne Hair Solutions

I have been a Hair Club member for 5 years, with numerous problems with the program ranging from quality of hair to having my appointments cancelled on the day I showed up for my appointment. Then expected to return home which is a 2 hour round trip, left me more than frustrated with the company’s customer service. This lack of care to customer service ultimately led me to call Rae Ne’ Hair Solutions. Wow, what a difference a change can make, I only wished I had made the decision sooner. Thank you to Rene’s team and their commitment to superior product and most of all customer service.

Northern Kentucky


Start with a receding hairline & transform your look in about 90 minutes

Please join us

Examine these photos of hair replacement clients. Men and women just like you, who were dissatisfied with their hair loss and decided to do something about it. We invite you to browse through these before and after photos and notice how great they look. But we hope you notice something else as well – the new confidence in their "after pictures". These men and women look great but more importantly, they feel great. They have taken a proactive step to changing their lives by remedying their hair loss.

Picture yourself in one of these after shots. Then give us a call. Our hair loss experts are here for you.