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I want to emphasize my satisfaction with the quality and natural appearance of your systems. I am pleased with every aspect of them. You and your companies commitment to excellence and superior customer service have solidified my confidence in Rae-Ne’ Hair Solutions! I’ve been a hair replacement client over 16 years and I am astonished by how soft and light the hair is in comparison to the systems I’ve been used to wearing. I just want to say thank you for being there and taking care of me. Please continue doing business the way you are and know that you have a customer for life!

Thank You

C.C. Dayton, OH

There are 20 million women in America with excessive hair loss. 10 million are under the age of 40.
If you're one of the 20 million, relief is as close as your nearest Rae-Ne' HairSolutions office.

There are 20 million women in America with excessive hair loss. 10 million are under the age of 40.

If you're one of the 20 million, relief is as close as your nearest Rae-Ne' Hair Solutions office.


Natural looking hairlines are standard at Rae-Ne' Hair Solutions

For Women

Introducing Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft for women

tl_files/images/women/Female1After.jpgWhat exactly is Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft hair augmentation? A method of adding hair to thinning areas and replacing hair in areas where there may be no hair.. Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft is not one solution, but a "platform" upon which a variety of solutions to your female pattern baldness can be based, depending upon the degree and location(s) of your thinning hair. When we think of hair loss, we usually picture men with a bald spot at the top of their head. However, hair loss does occur in women and can be just as traumatic.

How does Rae-Ne' non-surgical Follicular Graft work?

tl_files/images/women/Female2After.jpgThe grid pattern of Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graftis established by the individual woman's state of hair loss. Where the hair is thinning, what areas are not afflicted, and the degree of thinning respective to specific areas are all taken into consideration. The next area of examination is the individual's growing hair in areas where there is no retouching, no faking, no magic involved other than a good haircut and style. The harder you look, the more you’ll agree: Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft is as natural as growing hair could ever be.

The results

tl_files/images/women/Female3After.jpgLets say a woman came to us with extensive hair loss in the beginning of the anterior scalp, an inch and a half from the forward most reaches of her natural hairline. Let's also say that the hair loss in the anterior scalp diminished as it progressed rearward to the point where full hair growth was evident forward of the crown.

Lets also say that other than that, this woman has normal hair in every other portion of her scalp, the growth is medium density without any other distinguishing characteristics.

To further complete the picture, the hypothetical woman we are discussing has hair that is fine to medium in body. Assume also that her hair has not been subjected to excessive chemicals or coloring. This hypothetical woman has decided to continue with her current hair color, a medium to dark brown, and also to continue with her current length, which is just slightly above the shoulder.

Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft augmentation that would be designed to solve this particular woman's problem would begin with fine-to-medium body 100% human hair. Individual hairs that would range in color from medium to dark brown would be selected for the process. These individual hairs would be blended together to match the woman's current tonal hair color and length.