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I've been a hair replacement client for about 25 years. I've had hair replacement surgery and had different kinds of attachments through the years. The last 10 years I've been a client of Rene's. I've learned through the years that what's true in many businesses is true in the hair replacement business: quality and true customer service cannot be beat. This is what Rene brings. Come to Rae-Ne's and see what that quality and true customer service has done to enchance me and my life!

Joe C.

35 million men in this country are experiencing some form of male pattern baldness.

If you've been waiting for a practical, affordable solution to your hair loss problem Rae-Ne' Hair Solutions has the answer.


Rae-Ne' Hair Solutions Specializes in natural looking hairlines

For Men

Introducing Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft for men


Every hair loss alternative has it's disadvantages. Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft was created to overcome the limitations inherent in non-surgical hair restoration. Real hair doesn't grow flat; it grows vertically. So does Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft. Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft's utterly natural appearance begins with 100% human hair. But what truly sets Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft apart is how the hair is implanted. The special technique utilized allows the shaft to emanate from the dermal membrane on a vertical bias. This gives it the natural movement and bounce found in naturally growing hair.

Styling possibilities unlimited.

tl_files/images/men/Male2After.jpgToo much hair can detract from the naturalness of any replacement or restoration method. So in replicating the growth and density of natural hair, Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft allows for “breathing room” between the individual hairs so each individual hair can fall naturally under its own weight, exactly as you find with naturally occurring hair. Because Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft features hair implanted on a vertical bias, true multidirectional hair movement is achieved. The hair can be brushed straight back to reveal the natural hairline, parted on side, and even cut to lengths. The manner in which hair lies naturally no matter how it’s combed is a hair loss sufferers dream.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

tl_files/images/men/Male5After.jpgAll the men you see on this page aren’t models at all. They’re real men with a hair loss problem. There’s no retouching, no faking, no magic involved other than a good haircut and well combed. The harder you look, the more you’ll agree: Rae-Ne’s non-surgical Follicular Graft is as natural as growing hair could ever be.